Is it possible to measure softness of our skin?

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Our skin is very sensitive, changes on situations and environment conditions.  Every person in our world like to have very beautiful soft skin, most of them are girls, of course!

Have you ever think about measure or comparison of our skin? suck like there any devices or instruments or soft-wares available to check out our skin softness !

Since now we do not heard such things, also this things are not available in market or everywhere, in fact we do not know about it exit in our world . On other hand measurement of our skin color is quite simple, we easily evaluate difference between black or white !!

Our skin is made of some superficial layers, according to science it would be possible to measure softness of our skin but not in a simple manner. Let me give you some examples..

First think is that,there is no such technique which gives you result directly and in easy manner. According to ASME (The American Society of Mechanical Engineering), the device called Indentation Devices Imitating  Palpation, this device work on Herts contact theory, to evaluate indentations of thin tissues. The measurement result and concept is elasticity of human skin. You can see the full report of this topic of skin at ASME website.

According to NCBT, piezoelectric tactile sensor and load cell could measure softness.




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