What is seven fundamental units of Measurement ?

centimeters length measure measurement
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We measure some physical or non-physical quantity by the mean of some output results. This output results express in some units. For example we usually measure length in millimeter or meter or kilometer.

But in a standard manner, every individual type of measurement express in unique fundamental unit. According to SI standard,we have seven basic fundamental units of seven basic measurement type. This type is expressed follows

1. Mass –

The basic fundamental unit of mass is “Kg”. We also measure mass in Gram, Pound, Metric ton, Stone, Micro gram, Carat etc. Some basic relation between units are

Relation between Units of Mass

1 centigrams (cg)

10 milligrams (mg)

100 milligrams

10 centigrams

1 decigrams (dg)

10 centigrams

10 decigrams

1 gram (g)

1000 milligrams

10 decigrams

1 dekagrams (dag)

10 grams

10 dekagrams

100 grams

10 dekagrams

1 hectogram (hg)

10 hectograms

1 kilogram (kg)

10 hectograms

1000 grams

2. Time –

The basic fundamental unit of Time is “Sec(s)”. We also express time in seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks,years etc. Some basic relation between units are

Relation between Units of Time

1 minute

60 seconds

1 Hour

60 minutes or 3600 seconds

1 Day

24 Hours or 86,400 seconds

1 Week

7 days, or 604,800 seconds

3. Electric Current –

The basic fundamental unit of Electric Current is “Ampere(A)”. Some basic Electrical & electronic units are –

Electrical & Electronic Units

Electric current (I)


Volt (V)

Voltage (V)

Ohm (Ω)

Resistance (R)


Electric power (P)

4. Amount of Substance –

Amount of Substance is a dimensionless expression of the number of particles in a particle or object. The basic fundamental unit of Amount of Substance is “Mole”. Amount of substance all called material quantity.

5. Illumination

The SI unit of Illumination is “Candela”. Candela is denoted by symbol ‘cd’. Some other units is lux, lumen etc.

6. Distance

The SI unit of Distance is “Meter”. Distance also measure in mm, cm, km, yard,inch, foot,feet etc. The relation between Units of Distance is listed below

Relation between Units of Distance

1 centimeter

10 millimeters

1 meter

100 centimeters or 1,000 millimeters

1 kilometer

1,000 meters

1 inch

2.54 centimeters or 25.4 millimeters

1 foot

30.48 centimeters or 12 inches

1 yard

0.91 meters or 3 feet

1 mile

1.6 kilometers

7. Temperature

The SI unit of temperature is “kelvin”, expressed as word “K”.The temperature 0 K is known as “absolute zero.”

We use two types of scale in measuring temperature that is –

1.Relative scales [Fahrenheit (°F) and Celsius (°C)]

2. Absolute scales [Rankine (°R) and Kelvin (K)].

The relation between above two is described by follow relations –

F = 1.8C + 32

C = (F-32)/1.8

R= F+ 460

K=C + 273



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