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Thinks needs to be considered before use any gauge

Sometime while measurement we experience unfavorable situation, that causes a lot of losses. To avoid such situation you should consider some things on your gauges, undesirable situation of gauges may loss your business and object. In this article, we discuss some reason of wrong measurement, due to condition of gauge and instrument.

Here 4 main Thinks needs to be considered before use any gauge

  1. Instrument should be clean and dust free


First think first, when you take your instrument in your hand, first check presence of dust and undesirable particles on all faces and corner of gauge. A small dust could disturb your whole measurement process.

  1. Measuring area of gauge should be shined and wear free

The main part of any instrument is measuring face for example measuring face of vernier caliper is external and internal jaws, measuring faces of plug gauge is outer diameter.

  1. Reference value (zero) should be fixed to avoid repeat-ability

Check reference valve like zero in vernier caliper and scale. The value of zero should be fixed when we change measuring length from minimum and maximum, again and again. Repeat-ability of zero value main occur in digital types of instrument due to their fluctuation sensing problem.

  1. Check Calibration Certificate

Check Certification of calibration, keep in mind due date of calibration report also check calibrated data compare with actual value of gauge to find its actual errors.

Be half of above thinks needs to be considered before use any gauge, many error we can consider like human error,environmental errors, humidity effects etc.

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