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Basic instruments you should know for linear measurement

Are you an engineering student or worker?

A student of engineering(Mechanical, Industrial, Electrical or civil) should know how to measure linearly and should know about common gauges used in normally every manufacturing & Production industry.

Linear Measuring instruments are designed to measure the distance between two surfaces or points ( end measurements) like Vernier Caliper, Micrometer does.

The Basic Fundamental unit of linear measurement in mm or inch. It is one of the seven units.

A scale is the best example to understand linear measurement. A scale in mm first instrument of every student to measure lines, the distance between two points.

The linear Measuring instrument is simple, accurate, economical and easy to operate. The original accuracy of the linear instrument depends upon line graduation mounted on instruments.

There is a number of instrument available, some basically and widely used are

A. Vernier Caliper

Visit Page for : Analog Vernier & Digital Vernier

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B. Micrometer

Visit Page for: External Micrometer, Digital Micrometer & Depth Micrometer

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C. Height Gauge

Visit Page for: Vernier Height Gauge & Digital Height Gauge

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