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3D measurements

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Unlike 2D images or shapes,3D has a different perspective.We tend to see the parameters just as the way they are in the real world.

Technologies are reaching great heights, faster and better innovations are made every day. We can make 3D measurements and solve real-time problems easily.

But why do we need 3D measurements?

  • To get a different outlook and point of view.
  • To analyse and interpret the solution to any outcome or project through a digitalized format.
  • To reduce human efforts and manual work which is tedious and time consuming.

How do you make a 3D measurement?

It can be made by three ways:

  • Using a Software.
  • 3D scanning.
  • By an instrument known as Coordinate Measuring Machine(CMM) connected to a PC.

Using a Software:

For modeling a prototype without the use of any paperwork or building up a replica, software is used.

The measurements are automatic and simple. The software extracts the parameters required or takes the information given by the designer. It shows a representation of the features on the screen.

Dimensions may be added by a click on the screen. Maya, Cinema4D, Blender, and SketchUp are a few examples of software used in the 3D measurement.

3D scanning:

An object or model is taken, it is scanned initially using a 3D scanner converted into the digital scan, later printed using a 3D printer.

It can also scan a human to capture a 3D model of his shape.

It is widely used in photogrammetry, animation, and graphics. It is used for visualizing, simulating and rendering graphic designs.

CMM (Coordinate measuring machine):

Coordinate Measuring Machine uses a probe and measures the geometry of physical objects or entities. It is connected to a PC that has software installed.

The construction consists of a granite or steel table and a rotary table, sleeve, support system, head probe, the position detector, and a scale. These machines are handheld and portable.

The probes used can be mechanical, optical, laser or white light. The PC has software that creates 3D objects, stores the values of the object projected in the probe and gives back information to the CMM.

The Coordinate measuring machine is classified into the following types:

  • Gantry Type
  • Cantilever
  • Fixed Bridge
  • Moving Bridge
  • Horizontal Arm.
  • Column Type.

Where do we need 3D measurements?:

  • Manufacturing Industries to design and develop equipments,machinery and vehicles.
  • In the construction department.To make smaller 3D models of buildings and landscapes.
  • Designing and modelling objects.
  • Medical field to create human organs in digitalized 3D form and to study them in an effective manner for surgeries.
  • 3D animated movies and 3D graphics in games.
  • 3D printing.
  • Aerospace engineering to design propellers,planes and other representation of tools and alter them to form new ones.

Therefore 3D measurements form an important aspect in the evolving industries and technologies in the world.

The demand for its measurement and applications are increasing day by day. In the global level,3D measurement solves complex problems and paves the way to new ideas and designs.

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