Why Measure Depth by Depth Micrometer why not Vernier caliper?

We also measure depth through Vernier caliper, but Vernier caliper does not deliver as much as accuracy and precision, because extension rod of Vernier caliper has no standard, it used only for comparison purpose.

depth vernier

Depth micrometer used to measure the depth of an object with precision and accuracy with least count of 0.01 mm. The measuring span is 25 mm just like in micrometer, that can change by changing upsetting rod.

How to Measure with Micrometer?

Depth Micrometer

Measuring Concept of Depth Micrometer is same as External Micrometer. The main differences are direction and position. Reading scale is Vertical in-depth micrometer and Direction of reading is opposite (starting from the end scale).

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Some normal characteristics of Depth Micrometer describe follows


The accuracy of Depth Gauge is 0.01 mm which is fair enough for linear measurement and also accurate than vernier caliper. You can choose Digital Depth Micrometer, in order to simplify observation only. Both types of Depth Micrometer delivers the same accuracy.


Depth Micrometer follows national or international measurement standard, while vernier caliper is not(in order to check depth through extension rod only).


The cost of Depth Micrometer is low than digital type. Cost may be varied brands to brands, usually depend upon the quality of material used. Some most famous Brands which are known for their quality promise available in a market like Mitutoyo, baker etc.

The main use of depth micrometer is to check the depth of any objects. Basically used in industrial areas of manufacturing plants.

Depth Micrometer Store

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