Uncommon Skill Of Engineering Metrology : Free Online Course

It is so important thing to learn Engineering Metrology for an Engineering Student or Engineer because it not only help in their study but also prepares for future industry.

Course Duration: 32 Hours

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Step-1 Join and Go through all 17 chapters

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After joining, Let’s start with Chapter-1

Chapter-1 | What is Metrology & Measurement?
Chapter-2| Limit,Fit and Tolrance
Chapter-3| Linear Measurement and Instruments used for Linear Measurement.
Chapter-4| Angular Measurement and Gauges used for angle check
Chapter-5| Comperator gauges

Chapter-6 |Transducer
Chapter-7 | Temperature Measurement
Chapter-8 | Pressure Measurement
Chapter-9| Gear Metrology
Chapter-10 | Surface Metrology
Chapter-11| Basics of Screw thread Metrology
Chapter-12| Strain Measurement

Chapter-13| Basics of Optical Measurement
Chapter-14 | Basics of Force & Torque Measurement
Chapter-15 | Basics of Flow Measurement
Chapter-16 | Advance Measurement (Universal Measuring Machine)
Chapter-17 | Advanced Measurement: Introduction of CMM(Coordinate Measuring Machine)

Step-2 Evaluate what you learned

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Step-3 Earn a Certificate

Earn a Certificate

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