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CMM |Types of CMM probs

Universal Measuring Machine is easy to use and could be employed for measuring multiple dimensions of objects or instruments.

UMM(Universal Measuring Machine) consists of a rigid bed called Universal Measuring Table which is flow-table or can be fixed according to requirement.

UMM equipped with the extra mechanism used for inspection of thread ring gauge both internal and external, plug gauge, snap gauge, bore ring, taper gauge, etc.

They are equipped with mechanisms, which enable quick and fine table adjustment. For self-centering of a job, one pair of support block is provided.

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CMM probs convert physical measurements into electrical signals. CMM probes have a wide classification for direct and comparative measurements.

mitutoyo probs

CMM probes are available in three main forms:

  1. Touch-Trigger probes
  2. Displacement Measuring CMM probes
  3. Proximity or Non-contact Probes

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Touch-Trigger probes

Renishaw Touch-Trigger probes

Touch-trigger probes are the most common type. They actually touch the surface of the work-piece, and open contact, send a signal with the coordinates of the point to the CMM.

mitutoyo cmm

The probe is than backed off and move to the next location where the process is repeated.

Displacement measuring CMM probes

senser prob

Displacement measuring CMM probes are also known as scanning probes. This method generally involves passing the prob over a target surface at its working range. As the probe scans the surface, it transmits the continuous flow of data to the measurement system.

Scanning contact probes many use LVDT(Linear variable differential transformer) or optoelectronic position sensing.

senser scanning by mitutoyo

Proximity or non-contact probes

Proximity or non-contact probes function similarly to displacement measuring CMM probes, but they use laser, capacitive or video measurement technology instead of LVDT’s.

Types of CMM

There are four basic types of stationary CMM:

  • Bridge.
  • Cantilever.
  • Horizontal Arm.
  • Gantry.

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