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What are the different types of measurement?


According to way to measuring direction, we have

[1] Linear Measurement

Linear Measuring instruments are designed to measure the distance between two surfaces or points ( end measurements) like Vernier Caliper, Micrometer do. The Basic Fundamental unit of linear measurement is mm. It is one of the seven units.

[2] Angular Measurement

The concept of Angle come from the circle. Actually Angle is a part of circle. We measure an angle in Degree or radian. Usually, the primary objective of angle measurement is not to measure angles but the assessment of alignment of machine parts or products.

[3] Comparing measurement

A device that compares the unknown length with the standard. Such measurement is known as comparison measurement and the instrument, which provides such a comparison, is known as Comparator.

Comparators are generally used for linear measurements. And it gives only dimensional differences in relation to a basic dimension of the object.
 Various comparators currently available basically differ in their methods of amplifying and recording the variations measured.
 In comparison measurement, it is dependent on the least count of the standard and the means for comparing.A comparator should have a high degree of accuracy and precision.

Comparator can be it mechanical, Pneumatic, or electrical,by the means of amplification of signals, linearity of the scale within the measuring range should be assured.

[4] Temperature measurement

Temperature is one of the seven fundamental unit of measurement, unit of temperature is Kelvin(K).

We use two types of scale in measuring temperature that is –

1.Relative scales [Fahrenheit (°F) and Celsius (°C)]

2. Absolute scales [Rankine (°R) and Kelvin (K)].


[1] Linear gauge

[2] Angular gauge

[3] Comparator gauge

[4] Temperature gauge

What is the least count of micrometer?

least count of micrometer

Eternal Micrometer used to check outside diameter of circle by the means of accuracy of 0.01 mm or up to 0.001 mm. Vernier type Micrometer gives highest acceptable accuracy of 1 micron such gauge is vernier type micrometer. Visit External Micrometer- Introduction/Measurement/Specification

What is the SI unit of distance and displacement?

The SI unit of Distance is “Meter”. Distance also measure in mm, cm, km, yard,inch, foot,feet etc. The relation between Units of Distance is listed below

Relation between Units of Distance

[1] What is seven fundamental units of Measurement ?

What is pressure and its SI unit?

pressure gauge SI unit

Pressure is the force extorted by a medium like liquids, gases and solids. Pressure is measure by force per unit area. So we have a mathematical formula of pressure that is

Pressure = Force/Area

Let say, force is in N (Newton) and Area is in mm (millimeters) than, SI unit of pressure is N/mm².

Pressure is the measurement quantity that describe a system. Usually, the pressure differences is used as a means of measuring the flow rate of the fluids. Pressure is invariably significant process parameter.

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What is the least count of height gauge?

vernier height gauge

For vernier Height Gauge, least count is 0.02 mm, and for digital height gauge least count is 0.001 mm. More about height gauge Vernier Height gauge and Electronic Height Gauge

What instruments can be used to measure length?

Linear Measuring instruments are designed to measure the distance between two surfaces or points (end measurements) like Vernier Caliper, Micrometer does.

The linear Measuring instrument is simple, accurate, economical and easy to operate. The original accuracy of the linear instrument depends upon line graduation mounted on instruments… Continue reading

There is the number of instrument available, some basically and widely used are

  1. Vernier Caliper
  2. Digital Vernier
  3. Outside Micrometers
  4. Digital Micrometer
  5. Depth Micrometer
  6. Scales

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