Production Planning and Control | Free Online Course

Production planning is the preparation of production and manufacturing of products in the industry. This makes it an uncommon skill of engineering, i.e. every engineer should know about this.

Course Duration: 8 Hours

Complete this course Only in 3 steps

Step-1 (Just Follow us to start*)

(*Ignore you followed already)

After joining go to the first chapter (Go through all 4 Chapters one by one)

chapter -1
chapter 3
chapter 4

Step-2 Evaluate what you have learned

Give a Free test to know your knowledge about Production Planning and control

Click Here to give a Free Test

Step-3 Get a Certificate ₹ 59 Only

If your test score is Equal or greater than 40, you are eligible for a certificate of this course.

Option-1(For India Only)

Click Here for Certificate

Option-2 (For International)

Certificate of Production Planninng and Control

Get Certificate with verified link at just $2


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