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Vernier Caliper and Micrometer for Mechanical Engineers

Vernier caliper and Micrometer both are widely used in industries for daily quality control. Both are simple to use and easy for measurement.

Vernier Caliper and Micrometer both are available in Digital form. that means more accuracy and precise measurement we can process.

Before we go for differences, Let’s see the basic introduction of Vernier caliper and Micrometer.

Vernier Caliper

Vernier Caliper is a widely used linear measurement instrument. It is used to measure linear dimensions like length, diameter, depth.

There are three types of Vernier Caliper

  1. Analog Vernier Caliper
  2. Dial Vernier Caliper
  3. Digital Vernier Caliper

Analog Vernier Caliper

It is the most common Instrument of measurement, It consist of two types of scale

The main scale and the Vernier scale that can slide along the main scale.

Two types of measurement we can do, the first one is through the external jaw (measure external dimensions) and another one is internal jaw (measure internal dimensions)

analog vernier caliper

The most common Least count of Analog Vernier Caliper is 0.02 mm. You may also find vernier least count of 0.05 mm or 0.1 mm

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Dial Vernier Caliper

Vernier scale is replaced by Dial indicator in dial vernier caliper. Dial indicator helpful for easy measurement understanding.

dial vernier caliper

Least count of Dial Vernier caliper is the same as Analog type.

Digital Vernier Caliper

Digital Vernier Caliper is upgrading version of Analog Vernier Caliper, which is a widely used linear measurement instrument with a least count of 0.01 mm, more accurate than Analog.

digital Vernier caliper

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The micrometer is more precise and accurate than Vernier caliper. Usually, two types of Micrometer are

  1. External Micrometer
  2. Digital Micrometer

External Micrometer

External Micrometer is also known as Outside Micrometer or External Micrometer.


It is used to check outside diameter of the shaft by the means of the accuracy of 0.01 mm or up to 0.001 mm.

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Digital Micrometer

Digital Micrometer is a very popular instrument these days because of its easy of compactness of taking an observation. Digital Micrometer can observe measurement in mm or inch depend upon our need basis.

digital Micrometer

The accuracy of Digital Micrometer 0.001 mm which is highly accurate and precise than External Micrometer. You can choose Digital Micrometer with an accuracy up to 0.001 mm if the cost does not matter

Main Differences between Vernier Caliper and Micrometer

1. Usually Micrometer is more accurate and precise than Vernier caliper

2. Measurement range of micrometer is 25 mm while vernier caliper has wide range.

3. You can check depth by vernier caliper but in case of micrometer you have to use Depth Micrometer

4. Inside Micrometer is used for measurement of inner diameter but in case of vernier caliper it is checked by internal jaw.

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