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Top-5 Free Online Course for Mechanical Engineer

Only Earning a Degree is not enough, you should be an extra-ordinary student because everyone has a Mechanical Engineering Degree.

We have Top-5 online free online courses for you this is not the only program but uncommon skill that accelerate your career

online free course

1.Engineering Metrology

It is so important thing to learn Engineering Metrology for an Engineering Student or Engineer because it not only help in their study but also prepares for future industry.

first course engineering metrology

In this course you will learn How to do Measurement? What is Measurement process? What is Limit, fit and tolerance? Types of Instruments? Different types of Measurement? Advance measurement techniques?

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2.Production Planning & Control

Production planning is the preparation of production and manufacturing of products in the industry. This makes it an uncommon skill of engineering, i.e. every engineer should know about this.

free course production

In this course you will be able to learn How to do Production planning, forecasting, production control

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3. Coordinate Measuring Machine

This is uncommon skill, This sort-term course covers all the basics details you need to know about CMM

uncommon skill of cmm

In this course You Will able to answer;

What is CMM, Types of CMM, Types of Probs, Different use of CMM, Application and Advantages of CMM, Principle of Operation.

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4. Mechanical Measuring Instruments

If you are interested to know how to use mechanical measuring instruments, this course for you!

basics of mechanical courses

In this course, You Will able to answer

How to do Measurement? Types of Mechanical Instruments? Different types of Measurement? Advance measurement techniques? How to use Mechanical Instruments

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5.Theory of Machine

Join Free Course of Theory of Machine, Give a free test and evaluate yourself. If you like this course you can go for a Certificate.

theory of machine

This Course is For Engineering/Science stream Students/Engineers

To join this course Click here

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This courses is 100% free, Certificate is optional in case you like the course and you also get free ebooks with the certificate.

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-Deep Choudhary | LinkdeIn



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