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Simple free project idea for mechanical engineering students

mechanical project

GaugeHow is designed for mechanical engineers by the intern student like you. We offer free valuable short term courses in mechanical engineering.

Now, GaugeHow is open to admitting the project by you.

If you are a mechanical engineering student looking for a major/minor project, GaugeHow started a new way for you. 

You and your friends now can submit a project of an online course with the guidelines of GaugeHow. 

Your project will be published on concerning you and your team.

After completion of your course, your team awarded(Certificates) by GaugeHow.


  1. There no financial cost of this project expecting knowledge 
  2. This project is also considered as an internship.
  3. If you are looking for a Minor/Major project for your Engineering this internship is totally for you. 
  4. If your project is selected for ‘Certificate option’ you will also get financial help monthly.

Please note the following points before applying for your project:

  1. You need the approval of in writing before starting your project. 
  2. There is some guidelines/structure you have to follow during this program same  
  3. Group of students can contribute to a single project/internship(Max. 5 students)

For any help/query please comment below of this page.

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