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Free Job oriented Courses for mechanical engineers

mechanical job oriented courses for free

It is most essential to learn job oriented courses for mechanical engineering students. In such courses, you earn new skill that fulfills your mechanical career.
These courses can make you CMM Operator, Quality Engineer, Production Engineer or related to this professional.

Below job oriented courses are 100% free and subjected to a specific skill.

Basics of CMM

cmm job

Being a CMM operator is a specific profession, deal with complex dimension adventures.
Knowledge of CMM is a specific skill almost every manufacturing industries prefer for precise measurement.

Basics of Seven QC tools

Learning a set of tools, which can assist an organization in problem-solving and process improvements.
Seven quality control tools are a must for production engineers.

7 qc job for quality engineer

Mechanical Measuring Instruments

Are you interested to know How Mechanical Measuring instruments work? The main focus of this course is to teach you the same. This course is the first step of being a Quality Engineer.

mechanical measurement

Production Planning & Control

Production planning is the preparation of production and manufacturing of products in the industry, which is an essential skill of a production engineer.

production planning

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2 thoughts on “Free Job oriented Courses for mechanical engineers

  1. Thanks for this.
    You can also add designing courses like autocad, catia etc.

    1. Hi Aadi, Thanks for writing! We are going to add new course of AutoCAD, please keep in touch. 🙂

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