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5 Must have skills for Mechanical Engineers

5 Must have skills for Mechanical Engineers

Here 5 must-have skills for every mechanical engineering student.
You will find the needfulness of these skills in almost every mechanical engineering field.

Geometric Dimension & Tolerance

GD & T is the common language of Engineering design, Production, and Quality Assurance, known as Geometric Dimensions and tolerancing. Knowing GD & T is useful for every Production, Quality and Design engineer.

gd & t

As we know it is impossible to manufacture the exact dimension of the product every time, so we try to manufacture a product within tolerance, this tolerance specifications and technical designing should be well understood by every designing/production/quality engineers. 

Learn GD & T

Basics of AutoCAD

AutoCAD is a leading Computer-Aided Design software made by Autodesk used by hundreds of industries every day. It has many useful features that help create reliable designs that help these industries to make precise and complex designs.


These include 2D sketching to 3D modelling on AutoCAD with most users being engineers.

Here, we are going to go through the basic features and how to operate AutoCAD to make some simple designs on your own.

Learn AutoCAD

Seven QC tools

7 QC assist an organization in problem-solving and process improvements.

These seven basic quality tools, which can assist an organization in problem-solving and process improvements. 

1. Check Sheets

2. Histogram

3. Pareto Analysis

4. Fishbone Diagram

5. Scatter Diagram

6. Flowcharts

7. Control Charts

Learn 7 QC

Advance Engineering Metrology

Almost every company are concerned with Quality management in the process of introducing their work.


A large number of parts of exactly the same dimension cannot be produced commercially. The actual dimension is always a little larger or smaller than the desired ones.  

Learn Engineering Metrology

Total Quality Management

total quality management

Total Quality Management (TQM) refers to management methods used to enhance quality and productivity in business organizations. Knowing TQM is helpful for Quality Engineers & Quality Managers.

Learn Total Quality Management

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