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All about CMM Machine (Coordinate Measuring Machine)


Learn the CMM machine effectively, At Udemy, we go through the CMM from the definition to the Final output step by step. Also, Helps you to understand the International guidelines and Standards of CMMs.

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What you will Learn

This course is divided into 6 modules i.e. Basics of CMM, ISO 10360, Testing & Probing System, Inspection, Programming & Final Guidelines.

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What is CMM?

The term measuring machine means a single-axis measuring instrument. Such an instrument is capable of measuring one linear dimension at a time.

The term coordinate (in CMM) refers to the instrument/machine that is capable of measuring in all three orthogonal axes.

cmm machine

Main features

  • Flexibility
  • Automated inspection
  • Multi-Inspection
  • High measurement Accuracy

Types of CMM

You will find CMM in usually below 3 forms:

  1. Manual
  2. Semi-automated
  3. Computer-controlled

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