3D Printing Applications

We, humans, are always in search of better technologies to simplify our tasks or to complete our works in the most accurate and fastest way possible. 3D printing provided a solution of printing circuit boards and other electronics in the fastest way possible opening the door to innovative new possibilities in electronics design, production, and use. Graphene, a form of graphite is widely used for manufacturing electronics additively.3D printing is the cheapest way possible to manufacture any component although an initial investment is required, in a long run it is economical and also allows the engineers to experiment with techniques to come up with better models. Recent developments show that ” NASA is building densely populated assemblies using 3D printing for electronic devices. Detector assemblies are especially difficult to assemble traditionally because they are usually very small with a large number of components. Aerosol Jet technology can print around spheres, bends, and flexible surfaces, which can later be assembled into any desired shape. Such flexibility is typically difficult to achieve through traditional methods. Furthermore, the manufacturing and assembly time for circuit boards can be cut down from a month to one or two days using Additive manufacturing.” To meet the demand of people many sensors, batteries, electronics are being 3D Printed to cut down the cost and time.