Chapter-1 What is CMM and Its Type

CMM(Coordinate Measuring Machine) is an advanced measurement machine works for measure complex and large component.

It is a device for measuring the physical characteristics of an object. The machine is controlled by a computer or an operator.

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Types of CMM

There are four basic types of stationary CMM:

  • Bridge.
  • Cantilever.
  • Horizontal Arm.
  • Gantry.

Bridge type CMM

bridge type cmm

Bridge CMMs are the most common type of coordinate measuring machine.

It is used for High accuracy, moderate flexibility, for medium sized components.  

Cantilever CMM

Mitutoyo cantilever cmm
Mitutoyo shop-Flore CMM

Cantilever CMMsdiffer from the bridge-style in that the measuring head is only attached on one side of a rigid base.

This type of CMM is used for Highest Accuracy, Lowest Flexibility, for small sized components.

Horizontal arm CMM

horizontal arm cmm
Swan horizontal arm CMM

Horizontal arm CMMs are less accurate than the other type fo CMM.  because of their design.However, it also makes them useful for measuring large workpieces or components.

This is used for Lowest accuracy, Highest flexibility, for very large components.

Gantry CMM

Gantry CMMs are designed similar to bridge type CMMs, but tend to be much larger. 

Gantry CMM is used for High accuracy, Moderate flexibility for large components.

Gantry cmm
Image: Mitutoyo

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