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We are continually doing our work in the field of Mechanical Engineering skills with the help of professional engineers and subject expert students like you.

Professional Mechanical Engineers/Subject expert in Mechanical Engineering can share skills at GaugeHow.

Only 2-3 out of 10 Mechanical engineers get employed due to the lack of skill.

Help us to Make it 10 out of 10.

You are well aware of Engineering employment, Our Vision to become Become 10 out of 10 Mechanical employability rate.

To make it possible we need a skill of you.

If you are a Mechanical engineer in any engineering division or subject experts and love to teach 🙂

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Which type of Mechanical engineering subjects/content we can share?

Skill-oriented and practical mechanical engineering.

What is the process of becoming an instructor?

First, you have to submit an application form below. We will review your application. If you are selected, we will guide you for the next process.

What is the format of content?

We accept only video format. You can record your video or use any screencasting software.

What if I need any help in the content?

We are always here to help you out. We will help in Course content, structure, quizzes and grading system.

What is the language of instruction?

English is the main language of instruction, but now we accept any language.

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