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Learn What Are WordPress Plugins And How To Use Them

Don’t forget to write the password down or store it using your password manager (if you have one). Next fill in your account information, speed up wordpress site ( then scroll down to select a package. Bluehost will then present you with a Congratulations! If your image is matching the suggested size, then save your changes. Save More. Thrive More. Uncheck these services. You won’t need them to get started, and it will save you some money. This is at no additional cost to you, and you will get great pricing and a free domain name through my link.

You might get a message to upgrade or a screen with some offers. You should see the Welcome To Bluehost screen. My goal is to explain the simple little things you can do, and in the end, if you do everything I lay out you will be able to speed up your wordpress website and see the SEO benifits. If you want to learn more about how to create a website with WordPress, I recommend reading the provided tutorial. If you want to add more services or change your plan, you can do it another day.

You can also receive a refund at any time, so I highly recommend signing up for the 36 months as it is the cheapest option. You can skip the tutorial/walk-through, that’s what I’m going to show you now to finish setting up your blog. Now enter your billing information. Here is more information about both PageSpeed Insights image optimization suggestions.

  • Edit your wp-config.php file
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  • Click on SAVE in order to save your changes
  • If WordPress is installed in the site’s root directory
  • WordPress automatically uses your page’s title for the navigation label
  • Readymade Free Plugins
  • Enter your domain name (no www.) 1. subdomain will auto populate
  • Animated Counters

Here, they can submit their ideas & suggestions for a particular topic. Your password is still in the clipboard so you can paste it into the password field (⌘-C on the Mac, or Control-C on a PC). Once you do click the button with they eye next to the password field to review your new password. Now click the continue button. Click the Submit button. Click the generate password button to create a strong password. Click create your password.