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Heat transfer as we know has a variety of applications in day to day lives. We cannot imagine a comfortable life without Machines and Accessories of modern-day in the absence of Heat Transfer.

Now the question arises is what are the career opportunities in heat Transfer.

Let’s see…

Thermal Engineering

Thermal Engineering is concerned with the cautious and purposeful selection of the components with heat removal in mind.

The design and production engineer has to carefully choose the materials which can bear high thermal stresses, thermal engineering is applied in the field of automobile, electric, air conditioning (HAVAC) industry.

Companies that recruit Thermal Engineers are –

• TATA motors Pvt Ltd.

• Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd.

• Ashok Leyland

Boiler Engineer

If you are interested in operating boilers and which generate thousands of watts of electricity then This one is for you. A boiler engineer is the one who maintains and operates equipment such as steam engines, boilers, turbines, etc. One can become a boiler engineer by obtaining a certificate of BOE i.e. Boiler Operation Engineer.

Solar Design Engineer

A solar design engineer is required to design solar panels with less production cost and maximum efficiency and the skill required to become a solar design engineer is AUTOCAD, Quality management with generation assets.

Opportunity in developed and developing countries for a solar engineer is Vast.

HVAC technician /Engineer

HAVAC Technicians help to install and care for the heating and Air conditioning system units and also work with the ventilation and refrigeration system in commercial units.

• Major companies recruiting HAVAC engineers are –





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