Are you Mechanical Engineer? Learn Vernier Caliper and Micrometer First

Vernier caliper and Micrometer both are widely used in industries for daily quality control. Both are simple to use and easy for measurement.


What is CMM? and types of Coordinate Measuring Machine.

What is CMM ?

The full form of CMMis Coordinate Measuring Machine. It is an advanced measurement machine works for measure complex and large component. CMM is a device for measuring the physical characteristics of an object. The machine is controlled by a computer or an operator.

CMM consists of 3-axis namely X-axis, Y-axis, Z-axis. Measurement is done by the prob attached to a third moving axis. This prob could be mechanical, optical, laser or white light.

So, the machine who takes reading in 6 DOF(Degree of freedom) known as CMM.

Types of CMM

There are four basic types of stationary CMM:

  • Bridge.
  • Cantilever.
  • Horizontal Arm.
  • Gantry.

Bridge type CMM

bridge type cmm

BridgeCMMs are the most common type of coordinate measuring machine.

It is used for High accuracy, moderate flexibility, for medium sized components.

Cantilever CMM

Mitutoyo cantilever cmm
Mitutoyo shop-Flore CMM

Cantilever CMMsdiffer from the bridge-style in that the measuring head is…

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