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Least count of measuring instruments

least count of top measuring instrument

Least count is the smallest value any instrument can read or measure. You may hear of vernier caliper of least count 0.02 mm, which means the minimum value vernier can measure is 0.02 mm.

You can’t measure a value less than 0.02 mm with this vernier calliper.
The same thing applied to all other instruments, a usual scale of least count of 1 mm, can measure a minimum length of 1 mm only.

vernier caliper least count

Vernier Caliper is a widely used linear measurement instrument with the least count of 0.02 mm. It is used to measure linear dimensions like length, diameter, and depth.

Let’s discuss common Mechanical measuring instruments with their least count (Considering least count of commonly used instruments, you may find changes in special cases)

Instruments Least count
Vernier Caliper 0.02 mm
Digital Caliper 0.01 mm
Outsite Micrometre 0.01 mm
Vernier Micrometre 0.001 mm
Digital Micrometre 0.001 mm
Vernier Depth gauge 0.02 mm
Vernier Height Gauge 0.02 mm
Electronic Height Gauge 0.001 or 0.0001 mm
Glass scale 0.1 mm
Steel scale 1 mm
Bevel Protractor5′ (5 second)
Depth Micrometer0.01 mm
Digital Protractor0.1 degree
Pressure gauge 1 bar
Digital Pressure gauge 0.01 bar
Pressure Calibrator0.001 bar or 0.0001 bar
Laser Interferometer 0.1 nm (nanometre)
Dial gauge 0.01 mm
Measuring tape1 mm

There is a lot more, please comment below if you are looking for the least count of any instrument.

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