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Our Courses is totally Free. But Certificate is Optional, It takes only 4 USD Dollars for “The Uncommon skill of Metrology” and 2 USD Dollars for basic CMM course, that is very small money.
GaugeHow.com is independent and not funded by anyone. We need fuel to run, to expand, to make engineering education better and to add new skills.

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The Unccommon skill of Metrology- Joining Page

Basics of CMM- Joining Page

Course#1 ‘The uncommon skill of Metrology’

Option-1 (For India only)

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Option 2 (By Paypal or Any Card) Rs $4 Only

Certificate of Engineering Metrology

Earn Certificate that help you in your career.


Please add your email in description as you mentioned in test

Course#2 ‘Basics of CMM’

Apply for Certificate now at Just $2 or Only 99 rupees Only

Option-1 (For India only)

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Option-2 Pay by PayPal or any Cards ($2 Only)

Certificate of Basics of CMM

Today almost every Manufacturing Industries prefer CMM for quality checks of their product. So, This Certificate is very useful for your career


Kindly Note:

  • Your score should be greater or equal to 40%
  • Use same email ID as entered in tests
  • For UPI, The amount is Rs 99 for Basics of CMM and 200 rupees for Engineering Metrology
  • We will send you certificate within 24 hours

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