Chapter-5 CMM Terminologies

What is Alignment and Datum in CMM?

With today’s CMM software, the CMM measures the workpiece’s datums

establishes the Part Coordinate System, and mathematically relates it to the Machine Coordinate System.

The process of relating the two coordinate systems is called alignment. With a street map, we do this automatically by turning the map so that it is parallel to street (datum) or to a compass direction (i.e., north). When we do this, we’re actually locating ourselves to the “world’s coordinate system.”

What is a Datum?
A datum is a location. We use datums as guides to tell others where we are or as directions on how to get to places.

For example, to get from the train station (origin) to the restaurant, you walk 2 blocks north on Elm Street (datum), take a right, and walk 2 blocks east on Maple (datum).

In metrology, a datum is a feature on a workpiece such as a hole, surface or slot. We measure a workpiece to determine the distance from one feature to another.

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