Basics of AutoCAD

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AutoCAD Guide for Beginners

Learn How to use AutoCAD, read more about common functions/commands of AutoCAD. Also, learn sketching and 3D modeling in AutoCAD

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AutoCAD is a leading Computer-Aided Design software made by Autodesk and used by hundreds of industries every day. It has many useful features that help create reliable designs that help these industries to make precise and complex designs.

These include 2D sketching to 3D modelling on AutoCAD with most users being engineers.

Here, we are going to go through the basic features and how to operate AutoCAD to make some simple designs on your own.

What you will learn?

  • How to Operate AutoCAD 
  • Design in AutoCAD 
  • Make and edit your own AutoCAD Drawings, Plans and Layouts


  • Course Duration = 1 hour
  • Lifetime Access
  • Certificate on Completion
  • Course E-book Inside

Who this course is for:

  • Engineering students
  • Students willing to make a career in the Engineering Design
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Design Engineers



Author: GaugeHow Team

The first screen you will get when you start AutoCAD is shown below Quick Access toolbar: At the top is the quick access toolbar beside the Autodesk title, it can be edited to have some commonly used commands, some are already there such as a new file, open, save,…


Free Preview

Author: GaugeHow Team

To start a new drawing, you can simply click on start drawing and another tab will open titled New Drawing. This will be default template that will open which will…


Author: GaugeHow Team

To select a command, you can go to anyone of the various options available on the ribbon/toolbar or just type the command on the keyboard. Let us go through a few of the common commands that are used in AutoCAD and their keyword (these can be found when you hover the cursor over the icons on the ribbon) Line command selected; The number are the…


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Author: GaugeHow Team

This is a very important step to working on a project on AutoCAD as you want your work as you left it the previous time. It is a good habit…


Author: GaugeHow Team

The workspace can essentially change the commands and the types of commands that you see in the ribbon. You can change it according to what type of work you are…


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Author: GaugeHow Team

AutoCAD has a wide selection of tools and capabilities, and with this comes a variety of terms that you might not be familiar with. To help you along your AutoCAD journey, we’ve put together a small list of basic AutoCAD terminology. Don’t worry, you’ll be using these terms…


Author: GaugeHow Team

AutoCAD is known for its sketching capabilities especially, as it has the best 2d designing features as compared to other software. For a better 2d sketching experience, it is recommended…


Author: GaugeHow Team

Now that we have gone through a few commands, let us use them in a practical sketch. This sketch is a basic sketch that will give us an idea about…

Introduction to 3D Modelling

Author: GaugeHow Team

AutoCAD is known for its 2d sketching and drafting features, but that does not mean it has any less features for 3d modelling. There are plenty of options and commands…

Making a 3D Model

Free Preview

Author: GaugeHow Team

For this tutorial, we are going to take a basic 3d model that will help us get to grips with few of the 3D modelling commands in AutoCAD. By the…