Basics of Fluid Mechanics

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Learn the basics of Fluid Mechanics and Flow Measurement. Also, Study some common applications of fluid mechanics in manufacturing industries.

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Fluid mechanics being a vast subject, there are many career opportunities in this field.

Some of the applications of fluid mechanics involve the design and working of mechanisms like pumps, turbines, all hydraulic machinery, and selection of airfoil for aircraft, heat transfer flows in machines, and many more.

Course Objective

  • Learn the basics of Fluid Mechanics
  • Learn about Flow Measurement
  • Learn some common applications of Fluid Mechanics and its future.

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Self-Placed ~ 1-week (1 to 2 hours effort per week)

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Types of Fluids

Free Preview

Author: GaugeHow Team

Fluids can be classified into the following types: Ideal fluidReal fluidNewtonian fluidNon-Newtonian fluidIdeal plastic fluid. Ideal Fluid: A fluid which is incompressible and has no viscosity falls in the category…

Fluid statics

Free Preview

Author: GaugeHow Team

Fluid statics also termed as hydrostatics is the branch of fluid mechanics that deals with the study of fluids at rest, the pressure in a fluid or the pressure exerted…

Flow Measurement 

Author: GaugeHow Team

Why do we need to measure fluid flow? We can simply say that the measurement of any quantity will enable us to make any system work more effectively and efficiently.…

Venturi Tube

Author: GaugeHow Team

Venturimeter is a device used to measure the rate of flow of a fluid flowing through a pipe. It works based on Bernoulli’s principle. The main parts of the venturi…

Steady Flow

Free Preview

Author: GaugeHow Team

Steady flow of fluid is a condition where the function of fluid property is time independent. This can be said as a condition of a fluid which remains same over…

Applications of fluid mechanics

Author: GaugeHow Team

The applications of fluid mechanics are so vital that when we observe our surroundings we will find a huge number of applications. An important application is used in the design…

A career in fluid mechanics

Author: GaugeHow Team

Fluid mechanics being a vast subject, there are many career opportunities in this field. Fluid mechanics enables us to understand the fluid pressure’s, hydrostatic forces, calculate pressure drops in pipes,…


Author: GaugeHow Team

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