Introduction to Polymer Science

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Learn the concept of polymer science. Also, study about Polymer solutions and polymer reactors and reactions.

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Polymers are large molecule which is made by repetition chains of small, simple chemical units called “Monomers”. Chains can be branched or interconnected to form 3D networks.

So we can see from the applications, we are surrounded by polymers starting from the toothbrush to automobile interiors, apart from these researches are conducted meticulously to discover new polymers which are economically feasible, light, harmless, stiff, easily degradable (cellulose acetate is a degradable polymer used in cigarette butts, textiles).

Course Objective

  • Learn the concept of Polymer
  • Learn more about Polymer solutions and reactors.

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Self-Placed ~ 1-week (1 to 2 hours effort per week)

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Concepts of Polymers

Free Preview

Author: dcunite

We are surrounded by polymers around us, starting from toothbrushes to automobile decors, toys, paints, etc our lives wouldn’t be easy without the application of polymers. Have you ever wondered…


Free Preview

Author: dcunite

Polymerizing systems are of great interest because they offer practical advantages in industrial applications. Most include monomer is carried in an emulsion or suspension in the liquid phase. Hence, polymerizing…

Polymer Reactions

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Author: dcunite

Since polymerization and chemical reactions polymers are the same in some aspects, but they vary when it comes to reaction engineering. According to the reactor are designed. Polymers undergo chemical…

Types of Polymerization Reactions

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Author: dcunite

Polymerization reactions are of two types: addition or chain-growth polymerization and condensation or step-growth polymerization. Addition or chain-growth polymerization In this type, the monomers are generally unsaturated (alkenes and alkynes)…

Measurement of Molecular weight and size

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Author: dcunite

The molecular weight of the polymers plays a crucial role in determining the overall stability of the structure. There are many methods to measure the Molecular weight of the polymer.…

Polymerization Reactors

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Author: dcunite

The chemical reactions dealing polymers depends on two factors, sense of reactor and reaction engineering. But the design of reactors depends on various factors like viscosity, diffusivity, and nature of…

Polymer Solutions

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Author: dcunite

Polymer solutions are those containing dissolved polymers. Generally, the dissolution process of polymer is often slow. It is a two-stage process, first solvent molecules come in contact with polymer and…