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Welcome to the free online course of CMM(Coordinate Measuring Machine). This sort-term course covers all the basics details you need to know about CMM.

Today almost every Manufacturing Industries prefer CMM for quality checks of their product.

This Course is basically for Engineering students and Engineers.

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Parts of CMM machine

Author: dcunite

CMM machine Main Parts of CMM Air Bearing Under normal working pressure, the thickness of air space between air bearing and guide rail is fixed, which can ensure good repeatability…

How does the CMM machine work?

Author: dcunite

A coordinate system is a lot like an elevation map where the combination of a letter along one edge of the map, a number along the other, and elevations shown…

CMM Terminologies

Author: dcunite

What is Alignment and Datum in CMM? With today’s CMM software, the CMM measures the workpiece’s datums establish the Part Coordinate System, and mathematically relates it to the Machine Coordinate System. The…

Advantages and Application of CMM

Author: dcuniteComplexity: Easy

Advantages of CMM Single SetupAccuracyImproved ProductivityReduced Setup Time Application of CMM Product quality inspectionUnderstand the adjustment status of the equipment. Review of CMM