Mechanical Measuring Instruments

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The main focus of this course is to teach you How to use Mechanical Measuring Instruments. We assemble the most common Adopted Instruments in Industries and this course contains the same.

Course Objective

  • Learn some common gauges used in Industries

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Self-Placed ~ 1-week (1 to 2 hours effort per week)

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Vernier Depth Gauge vs Depth Micrometer

Free Preview

Author: dcunite

01.Vernier Depth Gauge Vernier Depth Gauge as the name suggests is used to measure the depth from the surface of reference of an object. Vernier caliper also has a depth…

Bevel and Digital Protractor

Free Preview

Author: dcunite

Bevel Protractor A simple protractor is a basic device used for measuring angles with a least count of 1° or ½°. Bevel Protractor is an angular measuring instrument capable of…

Dial Gauge Measurement

Free Preview

Author: dcunite

The dial indicator or the Plunger dial gauge is one of the simplest and the most widely used mechanical comparators. First of all the use of a plunger dial gauge…

Feeler gauge

Free Preview

Author: dcunite

What is the feeler gauge? A Feeler gauge is used to measure the clearance between two parallel flat faces for example piston and cylinder. As the name suggests, feeler gauge…

GO and NOGO Gauge

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Author: dcunite

Plain Plug Gauge Plug gauge is used for the assessment of the hole or diameter of an object. With specified tolerance of GO and NOGO side, plug gauge is also…