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As a student, a question popped in my mind as soon as I heard about Numerical Analysis. What is so special about this field of mathematics and how is it different?

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Course Objective

  • Learn the basics of Numerical Analysis
  • Learn to resolve Initial value equations

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Self-Placed ~ 1-week (1 to 2 hours effort per week)

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Error analysis

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Author: dcunite

Error always plays a major role when you’re dealing with approximations. The numerical analysis provides approximations but accurate results, but these results are not 100% accurate and you don’t need…


Free Preview

Author: dcunite

An easier way to imagine this is by considering a case where you know the value of output at different input values. Now you wish to find out the value…

Approximation and Interpolation

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Author: dcunite

Take a simple equation Sin(x)-0.5=0. Now, In the range (0-pi) find out at 5 equally spaced points. Using these 5 points generate a polynomial of order 4 using interpolation. Now…

Nonlinear Equations

Free Preview

Author: dcunite

A simple equation such as x^2+5x+6=0 can be easily solved but an equation (e^x-1)/x+10*e^x=sinx may not be solved analytically. We, therefore, need to use numerical techniques to find the solution.…

System of linear equations

Free Preview

Author: dcunite

A system of the linear equation has a unique solution if the number of variables is equal to the number of unique equations. You must be wondering why we need…