Strength of Machine

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Mechanics in simple terms means tell how a body would behave when you apply force to it.

From simply walking to Chandrayan-2 everything forms a part of mechanics and the level to which you can reach depends on how much you explore the subject.

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Composition and Resolution of Forces

Author: dcunite

What does the resolution of forces signify according to you? When you’re studying the fundamentals of mechanics you mostly deal with 2-D or sometimes 3-D systems. It is simple to…

Moment vs torque

Author: dcunite

What is the difference between moment and torque? In physics, they signify the same thing but in mechanics, they hold slightly different meanings. Both have the same unit i.e. N-m…

Parallel forces and couple

Author: dcunite

Many do not realize but we use couple forces every day. When an equal amount of force acts about a point of pivot in the opposite direction at different points…

Equilibrium of Forces

Author: dcunite

The way you leave your room stays the same after coming back. A body tends to remain stationary or moves with constant velocity under equilibrium. A body can exist in…

Equilibrium of Strings

Author: dcunite

The beauty of mechanics is that it deals with many real-world problems that we have almost always seen in our daily lives. When you study something that you’ve experienced first-hand,…

Linear Motion

Author: dcunite

The complexity of an equation is majorly determined by the number of parameters that vary in it. It becomes obvious that linear motion is easy to understand and predict. Then…

Moment of Inertia

Author: dcunite

The best way to understand Inertia is by comparing it to mass. What mass is in a linear system, Inertia plays the same role in a rotational system. When dealing…

Virtual Work

Author: dcunite

This concept is just as it sounds. In short, a work that doesn’t happen.The concept of virtual work becomes convenient when the angle between the tension the direction of virtual…