Theory of Machine

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The subject Science of Machines is that subpart of Engineering, which deals with the study of relative motion among the various parts of a machine, along with forces that act on them.

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The knowledge of this subject is very helpful for a person to design the numerous parts of a machine.

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Position and Displacement

Author: dcunite

Position Position vector, the line having one finish fastened to a body and therefore the alternative finish connected to a moving purpose and accustomed describe the position of the purpose…

Velocity Analysis

Author: dcunite

Velocities and acceleration in machines can be determined either analytically or graphically. With the invention of computers, it has become much easier to make use of analytical methods. However, graphical…


Author: dcunite

The velocity of a moving body may be a vector amount having magnitude and direction. An amendment in speed needs any of the subsequent conditions to be fulfilled: · An…


Author: dcunite

A cam is a mechanical member used to impart desired motion to a follower by direct contact. Complicated output motions that are otherwise difficult to achieve can easily be produced…


Author: dcunite

The adjusting of turning bodies is essential to maintain a strategic distance from vibration. Insubstantial modern machines, for example, gas turbines and electric generators, vibration can cause calamitous disappointment, just…

Brakes and Dynamometer

Author: dcunite

“An article stays in its condition of rest or moving until and except if followed upon by an outside power” Newton’s first law of movement, this law by Sir Isaac…


Author: dcunite

A governor is a tool used to measure and control a machine’s velocity, such as an engine. A classic instance is a centrifugal governor on a reciprocating steam engine, also…

Concept of Gyroscope

Author: dcunite

A rotating mechanism could be a device used for measurement or maintaining orientation and angular speed. It is a spinning machine or disc within which the axis of rotation (spin…

Moment of Inertia

Author: dcunite

The best way to understand Inertia is by comparing it to mass. What mass is in a linear system, Inertia plays the same role in a rotational system. When dealing…

Basics of Vibration

Author: dcunite

Vibration is a mechanical phenomenon where an equilibrium point oscillates. The term originates from “shaking, brandishing” Latin vibrationem. The oscillations can be regular, like a pendulum’s motion— or random, like…