Dial Indicator (or Plunger Dial Gauge)

The dial indicator or the Plunger dial gauge is one of the simplest and the most widely used mechanical comparator.

First of all the use of plunger dial gauge used to compare work-pieces against a master.

Least Count of Dial Indicator

Plunger Dial Gauge measurement limit is 10 mm with the least count of 0.01mm and 1mm with least count of 0.001 mm. likewise, another same comparator is Lever type.

coror cap and limit sticker of dial guage

It usually depends on the application, type of work, accuracy, and precision of work we like to measure.

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As the above figure shows, the contact point moves upward and downward, with the movement of a pointer, the dial indicates movement in the required results.

Back Plunger Dial gauge
Back Plunger Dial gauge

probably this dial a delicate instrument as the slender spindle can be damaged easily.

The user should avoid sudden contact with the workpiece surface, over tightening of contact points, and side pressure.

Long Strip Dial Gauge

Some extra points regarding Plunger type Dial gauge

  • Dial gauge also available with a large diameter for easy reading.
  • If you want to measure back of the body use Back Plunger type dial indicator.
  • Digital type dial gauge is more accurate than Dial display.
  • Dial indicator comes with different contact point vary according to the application.

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  • You can change back cover on different situations.
  • A color cap and limit sticker may help to use a dial on a different purpose.

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