What is Thermistor?

Thermistors have a high coefficient of resistivity. Thermistors are made of semiconductor of solid type.

The suitable temperature measuring range for thermistor is -100 degree Celsius to 300 degree Celsius. Some special type thermistor can measure up to 600 degree of temperature.

The change in temperature is measured by changes in its resistance. So, the Wheatstone bridge circuit is used for it.

Also, thermistor can convert changes in temperature to corresponding changes in voltage as a current.

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Construction Type of thermistors

Usually, there are four types of thermistors this are

  • Bead type
  • Washer type
  • Disc type
  • Rod type
types of thermistor

Pros of thermistor

  • Highly sensitive and fast response
  • Small size at low cost
  • Low thermal capacity
  • High resistance value

Corns of thermistor

  • Non-linear response of thermistor
  • Unstable at High temperature.

Thermistor are use to protecting devices like transformer for heavy current, magnetic amplifiers, warning devices etc

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