Basics of Coordinate Measuring Machine

Welcome to the free online course of CMM(Coordinate Measuring Machine). This sort-term course covers all the basics details you need to know about CMM.

You Will able to answer;

What is CMM, Types of CMM, Types of Probs, Different use of CMM, Application and Advantages of CMM, Principle of Operation.

This Course is basically for Mechanical Engineering students and Engineers.

Course Duration: 8 Hours

Certificate Benefits;

Today almost every Manufacturing Industries prefer CMM for quality checks of their product.

Only 3 steps needs to be follow

Step-1 Join below & Go through all 6 chapters

After Joining, Let’s start with the First Chapter

This online course has the following chapters

Chapter-1 What is CMM and Its Type

Chapter-2 Parts of CMM machine

Chapter-3 How does the CMM machine work?

Chapter-4 What are CMM probs and its types?

Chapter-5 CMM Terminologies

Chapter-6 Advantages and Application of CMM

Step-2 Evaluate what you learned

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