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online courses of engineering metrology

The Uncommon skill of Metrology

In this course, you will learn about how to do Measurement? especially includes learning of a no. of popular instruments.

7 qc

Seven QC tools

Learn seven basic quality tools, which can assist an organization in problem-solving and process improvements.

production planning

Production Planning & Control

Production planning is the preparation of production and manufacturing of products in the industry.


Basics of CMM

Today almost every Manufacturing Industries prefer CMM for quality checks of their product.

material science

Basics of Material Science

Learn the basics of material science in a simple practical way. With the example of Making cement, paper and light bulb.

Basics of Strength of Machine

The beauty of mechanics is that it deals with many real-world problems that we have almost always seen in our daily life.

mechanical measurement

Mechanical Measuring Instruments

The main focus of this course is to teach you How to use Mechanical Measuring Instruments. 

free course of polymer science

Basics of Polymer science

We are surrounded by polymers around us, starting from toothbrushes to automobile decors, toys, paints, etc.

numerical analysis

Basics of Numerical Analysis

Numerical analysis is used to help us find solutions to lengthy problems in general or statistically indeterminant problems

theory of machine

Basics of Theory of Machine

The subject Science of Machines is that sub-part of Engineering, which deals with the study of relative motion among the various parts of a machine, along with forces that act on them.

basics of heat transfer

Basics of Heat transfer

Heat transfer as we know has a variety of applications in day to day lives. We cannot imagine a comfortable life without Machines and Accessories of modern-day in the absence of Heat Transfer


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