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Mechanical Measuring Instruments and Gauges

If you are interested to know how to use mechanical measuring instruments, this course for you!

You Will able to answer

How to do Measurement? Types of Mechanical Instruments? Different types of Measurement? Advance measurement techniques? How to use Mechanical Instruments

This Course is for Mechanical Engineering/Diploma holders.

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This is a crucial skill for Every Mechanical Engineer!

Course Duration is 32 Hours(3 days) and Certificate is Optional For Just ₹49* or $1* (if you scored above 50% in the test)

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The main focus of this course is to teach you How to use Mechanical Measuring Instruments. We assemble the most common Adopted Instruments in Industries and this course contains the same.

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Chapter-1 Learn Vernier Caliper and Micrometer first

Chapter-2 Vernier Depth Gauge and Depth Micrometer

Chapter-3 Steel Scale and Measuring Tape

Chapter-4 Bevel and Digital Protractor

Chapter-5 Dial Measurement

Chapter-6 Feeler and Radius Gauge

Chapter-7 GO and NOGO Gauge

Chapter-8 Universal Measuring Machine

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