Frequency asked questions

1. What is GaugeHow?

GaugeHow provide skill full courses of Mechanical Engineering stream. All the courses are affordable.

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2. How to Join a Course?

You can First Login, than choose your Course

3. How to get a Certificate?

Just complete the course and get Certificate in “My Courses

4. What are the requirements to get a Certificate?

First, you have to purchase a course and complete it.

5. How can I add my Certificate on Linkedin profile?

Adding your Certificate to your LinkedIn profile is quite easy, just check it here

6. Do I have to pay for a Certificate in paid courses?

No, you need not pay for a Certificate in Paid courses. Also, no need to wait for a Certificate. Once you complete the course you can see your Certificate in “My Courses” immediately

7. How verify the Certificate?

You can share your Certificate link to anyone(Make sure public view of certificate is enabled in ‘My Profile’)

Every Certificate has a unique URL No. This URL No. represents the unique identity of a Certificate. The last word of the URL is your Certificate No.

See the Unique Link and Certificate No.

See also Date and Place of Certificate in bottom left corner

You Can also download the Certificate in PDF

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8 thoughts on “Help(FAQs)

  1. Can you give hard copy of certificate at home

    1. Thanks for Writing!
      No, it requires extra cost, time and effort, instead of this you can simply print on the hard paper.

  2. How to download the course materials foe future reference?

    1. Hi, You can view your course any time. Your account on GaugeHow is lifetime to access.

  3. Hi, Currently we have Stripe payment gateway which is more secure and easy one. We added PayUmoney also which enable the UPI payment.

  4. How change my name in the profile and certificate

    1. Hi, We can change your name for you: Submit your editable Name here:

  5. Hi, thanks for purchase. You can access the course here

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