Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

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Industrial Applications of Refrigeration and air conditioning

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Now-a-days of refrigeration and Air conditioning has so many uses that they have become significant.

Humanity, and without refrigeration and air conditioning, the basic fabric of society. This would be negatively affected. In general, refrigeration and air conditioning are treated in a single subject because one of the most important refrigeration applications Refrigeration and dehumidification as required for summer air conditioning.

Well, of course, Refrigeration is needed for certain applications other than air heating and air conditioning. Conditioning often includes methods other than cooling and dehumidification.

Hospital needs a clean environment such that the bacteria not released by one individual do not impact the patients.

This is especially true of surgery theatres and intensive care units. In these places, no part of the room air is re-circulated by conditioning.

In other cases, up to 90% of the cool room air is re-circulated and 10% of the outside fresh air is re-circulated to satisfy the people’s ventilation needs. In hospitals, all room air is thrown out and 100% fresh air is taken into the A / C system.

Since outdoor air can be at a temperature of 45°C compared to 25°C of the air in the house, the air conditioning load it’s becoming very large.

Operation theatres require special attention to prevent the spread of spores, viruses, bacteria and contaminants by various devices and materials. Good quality building and filters are used for air-conditioning in shops and supermarkets draw more consumers, causing fair cooling and inefficient use of materials. This is the intent of the sick building syndrome.

Air-conditioning in malls and restaurants draws more buyers, leading to longer visits and thereby raises profits. Supermarkets have a frozen food segment, a refrigerated food segment, a dairy and a fermentation section, all of which require different temperatures.

For addition to air conditioning, the refrigeration system needs to react to various conditions.

Such areas also differ greatly in everyday loads based on the busy and lean hours, and the holidays.

Big commercial buildings are their world; they have their shopping centre, leisure centre, swimming pool, gymnasium etc. During working hours, workplaces have very high number of people and no occupancy during off time.

These buildings require integrated concept with optimal resource and service utilization.