Introduction to Material Handling

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Definition and Objective of Material Handling

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Material Handling is the movement, storage, control and preservation of goods and products during the operation of manufacturing, allotment, consumption and discarding of materials.


Various researchers have defined and attempted to explain this term. Some famous definitions

of material handling which is accepted worldwide are:

● “MH is a system designed in order to get the materials. At right

a) place

b) at the right time

c) in the right quantity

d) in good condition

e) at a minimum cost.”

By Prof. James R. Bright

● “MH is an art and science involving the movements, packaging and storing of the substance in any form.”

by International Material Management Society


With the rise of the manufacturing system, we kept on developing the material handling equipment to perform tasks.

This concept came when the muscular strength of human or animal muscles became inadequate inability or speed.

Accordingly, the main objectives of MH come out to be:

•Reduction in costs.

•Increase incapacity.

•Improved working conditions.

•Improved customer service

•Improved productivity

•Reducing material handling labour.

•Better utilisation of space.

•Reducing in-process storage.

•Reducing expenditure on the packaging and other protective devices.