Equilibrium of Forces


The way you leave your room stays the same after coming back. A body tends to remain stationary or moves with constant velocity under equilibrium.

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A body can exist in 3 types of equilibrium conditions.

Unstable Equilibrium state- When the body shows the tendency to change its current state once disturbed from its mean position in the direction of the displacement concerning time.

When you sit on a slide in a playground. Your body slides downwards and comes to a halt. As you slide down your velocity varies but indicating that there is a net force acting on your body.

Stable Equilibrium – The body shows no tendency to change its present state or when displaced from its mean position the body tends to return to its natural position

Take a deep cooking utensil and a ball. Now places that ball at the center of that utensil. Now when you displace the ball from its position it will come back to its mean position due to the slope of the utensil.

Neutral Equilibrium – When the body’s state is irrespective of the displacement provided to disturb it.

We discussed the state of your room at the beginning. If you were to move an object say your chair from the position before leaving the room. It will stay in the new position and show no tendency to return to its original position.

The next time you go out. Try to categorize the various objects you see in these three categories and discuss with your friends about the same.

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