First tool: Check Sheets

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6 thoughts on “First tool: Check Sheets

  1. how can we make check sheet is it prepared after product being made or during process?
    what conclusion we get after maintaining check sheet.

    1. Hi, thanks for writing!
      You can make check sheet on the basis of the results of product you want to achieve.
      For example: Your desire product results are 5 mm in legth, 2 mm in height etc. you can conclude the check sheet according to this parameters.

    2. Check sheet are prepared mostly after the product is been made.For example in manufacturing company check sheets are prepared step by step during every end of the process of a product.
      And in maintenance period check sheets are prepared once the maintenance of machine is completed.

      1. Great! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. In industries who is responsible to handle the check sheets

    1. It could be Prodcution/Quality Engineer or Operator

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