How does the CMM machine work?


A coordinate system is a lot like an elevation map where the combination of a letter along one edge of the map, a number along the other, and elevations shown throughout uniquely describes each location on the map.

cmm working example

This letter/number/elevation combination is called a coordinate and represents a specific place relative to all others.

A coordinate measuring machine (CMM) works in much the same way as your finger when it traces map coordinates;

its three axes form the machine’s coordinate system. Instead of a finger, the CMM uses a probe to measure points on a workpiece.

Each point on the workpiece is unique to the machine’s coordinate system.

The CMM combines the measured points to form a feature that can now be related to all other features.

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4 thoughts on “How does the CMM machine work?

  1. Need live testing videos for easy understanding

    1. Thanks for writing, We will try to add live measurement video of CMM. till than this video may help you

  2. How operate cmm

    1. Usually CMM operate by Joy-stick, just like the same you used in Video games. Joy stick moves towards x, y and z direction, with the control of the speed of movement.
      if you move joystick in x direction, CMM prob will move in the same.

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