How Heat is transform?


Heat, as we know, is a form of energy caused due to the internal chaotic or random motion of the molecules. The heat flows due to the temperature difference between two points. Heat energy is present in various useful forms which makes our lives beautiful.

energy form

There are also some other forms of energy that exist and thus are available in nature.

forms of energy

  • Electrical energy
  • Mechanical energy
  • Thermal energy
  • Nuclear energy

Let’s explore these ones…

Coming to the first one the i.e. the electrical energy, it is just a form of energy which is the energy which is obtained by the movement of electrons from higher potential to lower potential which is known as the potential difference.
You can just feel the potential Difference by putting your finger in the socket….just kidding 🙂

Now the second energy which is Mechanical energy is just the energy which is obtained from the mechanical work done, For example – A rotating fan is giving mechanical energy to you in summers.

Coming to the next energy is the thermal energy that comes from the molecules and vibrating molecules, for example – A Microwave oven.

The energy which is known as Nuclear Energy is the energy which is derived from the atoms breaking into the constituent particles and the remaining energy is obtained by the mass defects and this is calculated by the famous Einstein’s equation as

E=m *c of square

The chaining process of fission works in this way as the particles from the splitting of the atoms strike the heavier atoms such Uranium which against breaks and strikes the Atoms further which resulting in the chain reaction.

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