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ISO(the International Organization for Standardization) is an independent, non-governmental international organization with a membership of 164 national standards bodies

ISO 10360 is an international standard of Coordinate Measuring Machine used for testing/Calibration of Coordinate types Machines. 

ISO 10360 is divided into 12 parts. The first part is simple vocabulary, the second part ‘ISO 10360-2’ is the most commonly used for linear measurement. 

The other remaining parts depend upon the feature of the CMM machine. 

For example, if I have a CMM which measures the linear dimensions only than I choose ISO 10360-2 standard for calibration of my CMM. This standard is a document referred to as a calibration procedure of CMM.

ISO 10360-2 explains to you how to calibrate the linear type of CMM by slip gauge set or laser interferometer.

Here is the list of parts of ISO 10360, taken from ISO

  • — Part 1: Vocabulary
  • — Part 2: CMMs used for measuring linear dimensions
  • — Part 3: CMMs with the axis of a rotary table as the fourth axis
  • — Part 4: CMMs used in scanning measuring mode
  • — Part 5: CMMs using single and multiple stylus contacting probing system
  • — Part 6: Estimation of errors in computing of Gaussian associated features
  • — Part 7: CMMs equipped with imaging probing systems
  • — Part 8: CMMs with optical distance sensors
  • — Part 9: CMMs with multiple probing systems
  • — Part 10: Laser trackers for measuring point-to-point distances
  • — Part 12: Articulated arm coordinate measuring machines (CMM)

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