To start a new drawing, you can simply click on start drawing and another tab will open titled New Drawing. This will be default template that will open which will show the XYZ coordinates from the start in 3D.

We want to start a drawing, so it will be better to go to template – acad.awt. This will open a nice XY plane to draw on with a grid shown in the background. This grid is going to help us draw more accurately and remind us about that we are working on an XY plane and each point has its own coordinates.

The interface will look something like this

starting new design

At the bottom is the command box, you can wither select a command from the ribbon or just type in the command bar or just start typing and press enter to select the command.

The Create toolbar is used for 3d modelling, Edit can be used to do the editing of 3D model the model, Draw is used to sketch with multiple options available for different shapes,

Modify is used to make changes to the sketch and model, Selection can edit the type of things you can select in the model which can be highlighted or snap to a particular selection, Coordinates will help with setting a particular position for various points or make a new coordinate system,

Layers and view help set the view style and view angle while also giving the ability to set different layers.

On the top right corner of the drawing space, you can find something that looks like a compass which is its use precisely while the top written in the middle suggests it the top view of the 3d space. Take your pointer there and you will find arrows that can be used to change the orientation to different views.

There is plus shaped pointer that can be seen whenever you take the cursor to the drawing space. This can be used to select a part of the sketch; you can make selections by clicking something directly of holding the left mouse button and dragging it around the selection entity.

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