Understanding Mechanics


Let me start by asking an age-old question.
Is Pulling easier or Pushing?

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Pulling your way through mechanics you learn about things that were obvious to most of us but never focused upon.

Friction is one such topic. Forget whether you can walk without friction or not and Imagine you’re fielding in a special cricket match with no ground friction.

no gravity
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Even if the batsman barely hits the ball, it’ll travel to the boundary and no matter how hard you try you won’t be able to catch the ball.
As a child, I was fascinated about time travel and through my years of study I learned that it is possible just not in the sense you would imagine it.

You’re able to see an object only after the light reflects from the surface and falls on your eyes. What if I say that I make you run away from the reflected light at half the speed of light compared to your stationary friend.

Who do you think would see the object first?
Your friend will see the object much before you do. Similarly, if I make you run for many years at the same speed then things will seem to happen much faster for your friend.

It can be said that time flows much faster for your friend than for you thus after 5 years for your friend the amount of time passed would be much less for you and that is how you’ve time-traveled into the future.

Mechanics in simple terms means tell how a body would behave when you apply force to it. From simply walking to Chandrayan-2 everything forms a part of mechanics and the level to which you can reach depends on how much you explore the subject.


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