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The first screen you will get when you start AutoCAD is shown below

user interface

Quick Access toolbar:

At the top is the quick access toolbar beside the Autodesk title, it can be edited to have some commonly used commands, some are already there such as a new file, open, save, save as, undo, etc.

Menu bar:

menu bar

Below that is the menu bar, where there are options like home and visualize. These can be expanded to show a bunch of different options which you do not need to worry about as of now.



Below that is the ribbon with a variety of commands that can be used to create, edit, draw, modify, etc. But these are disabled for now

Home Tab: There is a tab opened which says start, this is much like the tabs used in chrome, you can open new and close any tab if needed.

Start Drawing: We can start to draw from here, where there is ‘Start Drawing’ written. Towards the right of that are the recent files that have been opened and you have been working on just to be of ease of use in the future.

Connect/Notification: On the right are the notifications and connect option where you can connect to you A360 account, this can help save your work on cloud and never worry about losing your work to a corrupt hard drive ever again.

 Command Window:

command window

It is used to enter the commands or shortcuts to quickly open the tools and commands in various keywords. Its position is fixed at the bottom in the drawing window.

Additional tips for use of mouse:

Once in the workspace, it’s better to have a physical mouse with 3 buttons to work efficiently. This is because the middle mouse button (MMB) is useful to the pan and move the drawing. Quick tips for mouse

Hold MMB to Pan and move in the 2d space. Hold Shifl+MMB to move in 3d space easily. Scroll the Mouse Wheel to easily Zoom in and out.

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