Future of Material Science?

Material science has always a topic of research and fascination,about how a single atom has so many properties that can alter the whole tensile as well as the ultimate strength of a material such as cement or concrete which is used build skyscrapers …yes the same you watch in Hollywood movies.

But what is the future of Material science?
Let’s see that …

In 2011 President Barack announced the Materials Genome Initiative. The Project had three phases

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The first one was to apply computer-generated models to predict materials properties followed by expanding the properties of the materials and lastly the mining of the existing materials.

Similarly on the project included the applied machine learning programs with an experimental procedure to develop a material called Metallic Glass. The quality of the materials determines the success of the products.

One such material known as Multiferrous have has been developed a few decades back, the properties of this material are that the ferroelectric dipoles border can be moved and rearranged using electric fields
Ferromagnetic materials are those in which atoms align themselves in an orientation in small groups called Domains.

material science
Photo by Sharon McCutcheon

Thus if this can be done with great accuracy we are entering a Multifarious age – wow that’s interesting

Now coming to the superfast mode the world-famous company Named TESLA has done some amazing research in the field of material science.
Tesla uses nickel, cobalt, and aluminum to make its batteries long-lasting and Durable…


Above all, it powers the whole Supercar Electrically which beats Most supercars in the league.

That’s the most adorable research in the field of material science.
Lastly, we are entering a new Crystal…. which means a Material science age.

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