Making of Cement

The Cement which is used as building material to build a skyscraper from the scratch is manufactured by a long and interesting process.

It is manufactured by the controlled chemical combination of calcium, silicon, aluminum, iron, etc.

Portland cement is a basic ingredient of the concrete which is also a basic building material used in construction.

Common materials used for cement manufacturing are the calcium, silicon aluminum, iron, and other ingredients.

The process involving in making cement are-

  1. The raw materials first are mixed together such as limestone, clay and other materials.
  2. The rock is then crushed to a size of 6 inches
  3. The crushed rocks are then mixed with other ingredients such as iron ore.
  4. All these are fed into a cement kiln.
  5. The cement is then heated to 2700 degrees Fahrenheit.
  6. The finely grounded material is then fed into higher which is then burned by flames with controlled burning of powdered coal, oil.
  7. Certain elements are then blow off by the gases and new element which is known as Clinker is formed grey balls.
  8. After cooling the clinker, it is mixed with a small amount of gypsum and limestone.

Now the cement is ready to be used as a building material.

Gypsum is an essential component in which is added in the cement to control the hardening of cement in the process.

If gypsum is not added to the cement it will set hard immediately without giving time to for concrete placing.


Below video is taken from YouTube Channel JK lakshmi Cement : JK Lakshmi Cement Manufacturing Process

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